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Mary Margaret O'Connell (born 1962), known as Maggie, is played by actress Janine Turner.

Maggie was born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. She became a bush pilot at an early age and went to Alaska with her boyfriend Dave, who was writing a book on mountain climbing. He fell asleep unprotected on a glacier and froze to death.

Maggie remained in the small town of Cicely, Alaska, flying an air taxi and supplementing her income as the local real estate agent.[1][2] She serves a term as mayor of Cicely.[3]


Maggie is a strong-willed, independent feminist but also has a soft side. Her main role model is Amelia Earhart.[4] When she was a child she wrote a letter to herself and, later in life after rediscovering the letter, manifests her younger self.[5] She also wanted to be detective extraordinaire Nancy Drew.[6] She gets to be a Homecoming queen[7] and becomes obsessed with dust mites.[8] One of the earliest moments of tenderness from Maggie comes when she reads Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 at the funeral for the unknown man.  [9]


  • Mother, Jane O'Connell (who visits and burns her house down and tells her she is divorcing her father[10] and she sees again at her grandmother's 80th birthday)[11]
  • Father, Frank O'Connell, the youngest CEO in automotive history (who comes to visit her once; calls her "Peanut")[9]
  • Brother, Jeff ("Jeffie")[11]
  • Grandmother ("Grammy")[11]


  • Bush Pilot
  • Air Taxi
  • Postal Worker
  • Courier
  • Mechanic [12]
  • Engineer [13]
  • Real Estate Agent [14]
  • Landlord [15]
  • Property Superintendent [16]
  • Entrepreneur [17]
  • Mayor [3]

Maggie owns her own Cessna 170 airplane and works on it several times [18][19] [5] ... and even put together a kit plane with her own modifications and other improvements. [20] Besides her handywoman skills, she also works on her pickup truck and snowmobile,[21] and helps Chris restore a Ford Model T. [22]

Love Life[]

She has a love-hate relationship with Joel, who she thinks she has sex with once, [23] [24] eventually does have sex with [25] ("forgets", but he reminds her: "last Tuesday in a barn at 1:46 PM"), [21] and even gets engaged to. [26] They finally agree they have a "mutually desirous incompatibility". [27] However, in the end, she ends up with Chris. [28] When she was growing up in Grosse Pointe, Jed liked her. [11] [29] She has a brief "spring fantasy fling" with a bear deity. [30]

Victims Of The "O'Connell Curse"[]

Maggie's past boyfriends all died in improbable accidents. Cicely residents attribute this to the "O'Connell Curse", though Maggie hates talking about it.

  • Steve Escandon was hit by lightning while photographing an oil rig for a corporation's annual report.
  • Harry ate tainted potato salad on a picnic.
  • Bruce had an unspecified fishing accident.
  • Glen took a wrong turn while driving his Volvo Car (according to Chris) onto a missile test range.
  • Dave took a nap on a glacier and froze to death.
  • Rick Pederson (a recurring character in season 1) was hit by a falling artificial satellite shortly after learning he did not have cancer.[31]

Since The Curse[]

On her 30th birthday, while camping next to a river, she gets sick and "meets" them all in a hallucination / vision.[32]

During season 4, Maggie has a brief relationship with Mike Monroe, a lawyer with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. [33] In his case, the curse works in reverse: he is cured of his condition and inspires to practice environmental law. [34]

It is implied that Joel would have died from the curse if he stayed with Maggie. [35]

Maggie's mother may have the curse too. [36]


P.O. Box 86 Cicely, Alaska 99729 - 0086.


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