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The KBHR building

Chris's office in the station

KHBR 570 AM is Cicely's radio station.


It is owned by Maurice's Minnifield Communications Network. Along with The Brick's juke box, Northern Exposure's soundtrack consists of the endless playlist of KBHR. Chris Stevens is the disk jockey of the Chris in the Morning Show. Other people include Ed of course, [1] and one time Holling [2] comically failed to fill in for Chris. Another time Ruth Ann Ann tried out successfully which got recognition from National Public Radio. [3] Bernard has filled in for Chris several times, gets recruited another time but turns it down, and then hires himself anyways. [4] [5] [6] The station is capable to run automatically. Joel energetically took over the station in the middle of the night while Chris and Bernard were passed out. [7] Adam also managed the station when Maurice got hurt. [8]

Maurice's office is also located at the studio, functioning as a de facto City Hall.


It seems that in the N.P.R. episode, Maurice launched a second radio station to cover N.P.R. broadcasts.


  • "Brains, Know-How, and Native Intelligence" (1-2), Chris' revelations about Walt Whitman's homosexuality inflame Maurice who roughs Chris up on-air, fires him, and plays show tunes until the town gets sick of it and has Chris rehired.
  • "Russian Flu" (1-5), Ed covers for Chris when he gets sick.
  • "A Kodiak Moment" (1-7), military men tell Maurice about his brother Malcolm's death.
  • "Goodbye to All That" (2-1), Chris lives in the radio station until the "spring thaw".
  • "The Big Kiss" (2-2), Chris loses his voice after a beautiful woman comes into the studio and asks him for directions; later, Holling nervously reads a message on-air that Chris wrote and is heard on-air pleading for help from Chris who is eating in The Brick; Maurice remembers his feelings towards Shelly and reminisces at the mic.
  • "War and Peace" (2-6), Chris reads War and Peace.
  • "Oy, Wilderness" (3-3), Chris divorces Shelly and Wayne on-air.
  • "Seoul Mates" (3-10), Maurice's Korean son, Duk Won and family, arrive at KBHR.
  • "Midnight Sun" (4-2), Joel takes over the radio station.
  • "Crime and Punishment" (4-10), Maurice tries to recruit Bernard to work for him full time.
  • "Revelations" (4-12), Bernard covers while Chris is at a monastery.
  • "Ill Wind" (4-16), Ed writes to Cicelians in an open letter read by Chris.
  • "The Big Feast" (4-21), KBHR celebrates its 25th anniversary.
  • "Old Tree" (4-25), Chris gets a portable headset which lets him talk outside.
  • "Jaws of Life" (5-3), Maurice and Ed fill in for a depressed Chris.
  • "First Snow" (5-10), Maurice gives Shelly an expensive baby rattle and reminds her of expressing her love for him, which she denies doing; later, Maurice asks Chris to bring him a box marked "S" (for "Shelly") in the closet that contains mementos of their 2-week romance.
  • "Northern Hospitality" (5-16), Chris shoves his belief about jazz music causing suicides into the audience's ears. The replacement "circus" music actually causes a suicide. While Maurice is away, Adam and Ed help him intercept complaints and to change his music selection until Marilyn rallies on behalf of him.
  • "The Robe" (6-5), Chris gets a ventriloquist dummy named Esau and talks through it on-air; eventually, crowds form outside the radio station to watch the act; Ed asks Chris and Esau for moral advice.
  • "Up River" (6-8), Ruth-Anne sends Walt a message of love.
  • "The Quest" (6-15), Bernard officially hires himself to a permanent position.


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