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Ed's apartment is where Ed Chigliak lives. The studio apartment is located on the second floor of a house with an outside entrance. A family lives on the first floor.


  • "The Big Kiss" (2-2), a spirit guide, One Who Waits, visits Ed
  • "Animals R Us" (3-4), Joel gives Ed a pep talk to encourage him to continue making his first film
  • "The Body in Question" (3-6), Ruth-Anne has dinner with Ed
  • "On Your Own" (4-6), Ruth-Anne again has dinner with Ed
  • "Duets" (4-13), Ed has dinner with his father
  • "Grand Prix" (5-22), the Green Man taunts Ed, Ed battles the Demon of External Validation in his dreams, Maggie brings Ed's clothes, Maggie and wheelchair cyclist Kim care for Ed
  • "Dinner at 7:30" (6-1),[1] Ed fixes Joel's VCR who has some of Ed's orange juice medicine and hallucinates an alternate future reality. The exterior looks completely different in this episode. Also, Ed says that there is an upstairs bathroom is nearby. However, it is not directly connected to his room.
  • "The Big Mushroom" (6-11), Ed looks for a shingles recipe for Phil Capra who sets up a computer for Ed
  • "Mi Casa Su Casa" (6-12), Ed and Eugene get a videotape to play at Maurice's cabin which Ed prefers to housesit at instead of his modest apartment in comparison
  • "Horns" (6-13), Cal plays his violin on Ed's roof, then falls off it; later, Cal breaks into Ed's apartment to eat.


  1. The external building shot is notably different but the apartment inside looks the same